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C&M OrthoSports Inc is a New York State accredited organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of physical therapy continuing education possible.

Our courses are based on the principles of evidence based medicine, expert clinical reasoning, and precise implementation of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.

Our Experience

Our instructors have had extensive experience in orthopaedic and sports physical therapy, athletics, training, and coaching. The broad knowledge readily available through C&M OrthoSports will equip you with a comprehensive framework on which to build proficient critical thinking and psychomotor skills.

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Our Courses


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“A lot of hands on = amazing!”

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“Smaller class size allows for better interactions with instructors.”

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“This is a great course. The handouts are phenomenal and the practice is great.”

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"Wealth of cutting edge knowledge given here. Too many courses are infomercials for a business. This is real deal education.”

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“Great presentation of the research and giving us needed information. Very to the point and not overwhelming.”

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“This was a good comprehensive review of the shoulder from basic anatomy to pathology and treatment.”

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"Great new information and ability to practice hands-on.”

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“The instructors really know the material and have a very good way of portraying their knowledge in a way that others will understand.”

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“I really like the lab portion, discussion, and encouraging critical thinking.”

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"Good source of clinical pearls.”

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“I enjoyed this very informative class. Thank you!”

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"Plenty of time to practice various thrust manipulations and joint mobilizations. Great job explaining how and when to use these techniques.”

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“Great to have research and statistics for special tests and clinical pearls on post-operative guidelines. Very helpful to review differential diagnosis.”

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“I liked the manual therapy component. Mike and Steve show a lot of passion. It is obvious that they know what they’re talking about and are great teachers.”

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“I liked the open-ended discussion because it was nice to hear what other physical therapists do in clinic.”



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